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BQ Mart - Bukit Timah (733 Bukit Timah Road, #02-03, Second Avenue Junction, Singapore 269748, Tel/Fax: (65) 6463 8289.)  
BQ Mart Bukit Timah Plaza has a lot of barbeque equipments and accessories to offer you. If you need a fast and easy to handle barbeques, try the Barbecook Charcoal and Gas Barbeques. If you have problems with space and storage, the Qwell is a must have barbeque equipment. Not only that it does not take much of your house space, it is also good for the budget. For quality conscious customers, the Morris Haggen Superior is well suggested. You will get your money's worth with its fully stainless steel features, cast iron grill and automated ignition. us . For outdoor and family activities, products such as the Igloo and MG Gears are suitable for you. All these and more products are available at our stores. Visit us.
BQ Mart - River Valley (opposite UE Square/Shell House)  
This branch was used to be located at East Coast. With the fast and growing market of our products, we transferred to a more accessible area to cater to our wide range of customers. It also carries the Barbecook Charcoal (Easy Quick Start and Easy Quick Stop) Barbeques and Gas Barbeques. The economically affordable Qwell Gas Barbeques, for those budget concious customers who wants affordable at the same time durable barbeques. The Morris Haggen Gas Barbeque, our top selling barbeque because of its strong features and worth for money. You wouldn't regret the amount that came out of your pocket. The Igloo that is widely known for its best quality and durable plastic containers that could last you for a lifetime. And the MG Gears outdoor equipments, known for its handy and convenient features that would make your outdoor activities enjoyable and worry free.
We are proud to feature one of the hypermarket in Singapore that we have worked closely i.e.; Carrefour Singapore.  This hypermarket has been carrying our Barbecook Quick Start /Quick Stop System Charcoal Grill for the past years.  There are various sizes and quality under the umbrella of Barbecook.  Carrefour also carry one of the Gas Grill namely; QWELL under the lower price range to cater to customers who prefer a smokeless environment when barbecuing with they families and friends.